Second Move

This is the second i write againn. Heyaaa!!!

Today i share about my boyfriend clothes. He is still student like me, went to same college. So today we went to cafe, pick our menu and have lunch. He wear jeans and flannel shirt. It is the first time i saw him again using the flannel, (just flannel shirt and jeans) because , since we go back dating, he kind using flannel shirt or polo shirt with sweater (later i will post it). The flannel is red colour, his jeans is black and a grey shoes.


He buy his flannel shirt by UNIQLO (you can check the website) for the jeans, i don’t know where he is buy it and for the shoes, he wear a sketcher shoes (i forget the price).


And yess This is my boyfriend, casual look for our dating.  I post too the place we have lunch time.

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First Move.

Hi everyone my name is Pepita.

Today is my first day to write blog, it’s amazing feeling i can write again (even i still doin my theses paper, its different to write in paper work and the blog i guess). The reason i make this blog, is to show how my daily wear (not daily like everyday, oopss), what i wear and my boyfriend wear when we are out on a date. Well, fashion for me is the outside thing that we want to show it to everybody, and it will be different for other people to show the look. And yes i am not to shy to share ours look (when on a date or go to party) because we proud of it and hope give inspire to you. So here it is, My first move to show you guys.


I using a blazer and turtle neck shirt. It’s was so cold in the outside, but we have dinner inside the mall. I know that my country is in tropical side, but sometime there is cold too when it’s to much raining (between September until January).¬†Lucky me inside the mall is cold too because the air conditioner, so this outfit is fine by me.

The blazer i use it from flea market but it in very good condition. I choose wisely and carefully when go for the market. For me it’s fine because the quality still good and no “flea” (yes!!). For the Black turtle neck, i think i buy it in some place in the mall but i forgot it, it just a usual black turtle neck. In the below you can see the detail of my outfit that day.